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Schkeuditz, Leipzig and surroundings

Holiday and recreation

Do you love water? In the vicinity of the hotel, the Leipzig sea area ‘Neuseenland’ is situated that offers various possibilities, such as surfing, diving, boat trips and boat hire.
Take your children to the Leipzig Zoo or to the amusement park Belantis.
Discover the unique such as the Panometer in Leipzig, which is offering a fascinating visual expedition to the Amazon at the moment.
Take a look at the event calendars of Halle and Leipzig, there are daily some highlights on the program.





Culture and history

Leipzig and Halle have many faces. Whether it be Handel, Bach, Wagner or Goethe, there are no other cities where visitors can walk on the tracks of so many luminaries from history. Visit the music and trade fair city of Leipzig, explore the many museums. On foot you can easily and quickly reach plenty of sights worth seeing. Immerse yourself in the cultural life and choose from a variety of events - we will gladly consult you. 002-Altes_Rathaus_low.jpg029-Voelkerschlachtd_low.jpg




Strolling and shopping

Are you looking for excellent shopping opportunities within a small area? Then visit the nearby city of Leipzig.


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